On behalf of the Franklin Community High School Football Team and parents, we invite you to become part of the Franklin Football tradition and help support all levels of our football family. Our purpose is to promote pride, respect, spirit and unity among Franklin’s football players, student body, staff, coaches, family and community.

The GRIZ CLUB will coordinate many fund raisers and activities throughout the year and we hope you will join us in volunteering and participating to help the GRIZ CLUB be the best that it can be.

In addition, the GRIZ CLUB provides supplementary financial support essential to a successful program. This might include financial assistance for items such as:

Uniforms and equipment upgrades as needed, cameras and AV equipment, additional coaching staff, support for players in financial need to purchase cleats, attend camp, etc.

For more information or questions please visit: http://www.franklingrizclub.com

E-Mail: franklingrizclub@gmail.com

Phone: 317-439-1162